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About Top Modal

Located in Toulouse France, Top Modal offers expertise, training and software tools in the field of structural dynamics since 2003. The goal of Top Modal is to provide solutions and know-how to the engineer so that he may solve his problems in the most efficient manner. As a small specialized company, Top Modal enjoys working in a close partnership with its customers - whether universities, engineering firms or industrial companies - spanning the aerospace, automotive, and marine fields.

Fields of study include :


book_englishTop Modal is headed by Dr. Nicolas Roy, an expert in structural dynamics, optimization and robust design with over 25 years of industrial experience. With a M.S. from Caltech and Ph.D. from Penn State University, Dr. Roy worked at Lockheed Martin (Sunnyvale, CA) , ONERA (Toulouse) and Intespace (Toulouse) before founding Top Modal in 2003. Dr. Roy is also an instructor and lecturer at several universities and training centers in Europe, as well as co-author of the book Structural Dynamics in Industry available in English and French.


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Primodal is an innovative software tool for understanding, analyzing and improving the dynamic behavior of structures. Primodal is developed in a close collaboration with a group of industrial partners in order to satisfy constantly evolving industrial needs in a cost-effective manner.

Written using MATLAB, Primodal may run as either a MATLAB application or as a standalone application with no need for MATLAB or a MATLAB license. Standalone versions are available for PCs running XP, Vista or Linux.

Primodal is interfaced with MSC/NASTRAN via several file formats (OUTPUT2, OUTPUT4, PUNCH). Test data may be imported and exported using the Universal File Format (UFF).

Organized using a modular approach, Primodal offers the following capabilities :

Primodal is distributed by Top Modal and by AXS-Analyse de Structures.

Custom Application Development

In some situations, specific needs call for specific software solutions. Top Modal offers the development and maintenance of custom applications using MATLAB, DMAP or a combination of both.

DMAP (Direct Matrix Abstraction Program) is a high-level scripting language used in MSC/NASTRAN which may be used to extend the capabilities of existing solution sequences or to implement new solutions and procedures. DMAP scripts are often developed to generate and output specific data for applications interfaced with MSC/NASTRAN. Examples of DMAP scripts include :

Custom applications may be also be developed using MATLAB and installed as either a MATLAB application or as a standalone application capable of running without MATLAB or a MATLAB license. Examples of custom MATLAB applications include :


As an accredited training organization, Top Modal proposes short courses and seminars in structural dynamics and related fields. The courses are offered on-site (intra-company) and typically range from 1 to 3 days in duration. The course content may be adapted to the particular needs of each customer. Courses are available in English or French. Several examples of courses are listed below.


Top Modal works with a small number of highly motivated and qualified companies and consultants providing complementary skills, services and products for our customers.

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More more information concerning any of our activities, please contact us at the following coordinates :

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